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Introducing Our Thesis Statement Generator

Create a concise and strong thesis statement for your essays or research papers using our thesis statement generator.

Get creative and original ideas quickly and make your argument standout.

How to Use?

Follow these quick & simple steps to get a polished thesis statement:


Enter Your Topic

Enter your topic.


Click “Generate”

Click the “Generate” button to get a refined thesis statement in an instant!

Why Choose Our Thesis Statement Generator?

  • Instantly generate ideas with precision and accuracy.
  • With our fast and intuitive tool, make your arguments crystal clear.
  • Customize your thesis statement according to your preferences in just a few clicks.
  • From argumentative to persuasive, literature to science, our tool ensures relevance.
  • Capture the main idea of your argument with a clear and powerful thesis statement.
  • Get AI-generated suggestions for potential main arguments related to your topic.

Sample Thesis Statements Generated by Our Tool

Explore the possibilities of creating any type of thesis statement, including argumentative, informative, analytical, or expository. Get an idea with these sample outputs created by our thesis statements generator.

What are You Writing About?

The impact of social media on teenagers' mental health.

Which Type of Essay Are You Writing?

Argumentative Essay

What is Your Main Argument? (optional)

Social media can negatively affect teenagers' mental health.

Generated Output: Despite the potential benefits of social media for connection and self-expression, its excessive use by teenagers significantly contributes to anxiety and depression due to cyberbullying and the pressure to maintain an unrealistic online persona.

What are You Writing About?

Role of Algeria in African Decolonization

Which Type of Essay Are You Writing?

Analytical Essay

What is Your Main Argument? (optional)

Algerian independence helped other African countries in decolonization.

Generated Output: Algeria's successful fight for independence played a crucial role in inspiring and supporting other African countries in their struggles for decolonization, leading to the wave of independence movements across the continent.

What are You Writing About?

The Effects of Climate Change on Global Biodiversity

Which Type of Essay Are You Writing?

Informative Essay

What is Your Main Argument? (optional)

Climate change poses significant threats to global biodiversity.

Generated Output: Climate change, characterized by rising temperatures and shifting weather patterns, poses significant threats to global biodiversity by causing habitat loss, species extinction, and altering ecosystems, ultimately disrupting the delicate balance of natural environments worldwide.

What are You Writing About?

The Process of Photosynthesis in Plants

Which Type of Essay Are You Writing?

Expository Essay

What is Your Main Argument? (optional)

Photosynthesis is a complex biochemical process essential for plant growth and oxygen production.

Generated Output: Photosynthesis, a fundamental biochemical process in plants, involves the conversion of sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen through a series of complex biochemical reactions occurring within chloroplasts.

What are You Writing About?

Traditional Education vs. Online Education

Which Type of Essay Are You Writing?

Compare and Contrast Essay

What is Your Main Argument? (optional)

Traditional education and online education offer distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Generated Output: Traditional education, conducted in physical classrooms with face-to-face interaction between students and teachers, offers opportunities for immediate feedback and social interaction. On the other hand, online education, facilitated through digital platforms and remote learning tools, provides flexibility and accessibility but may lack the same level of personal connection and hands-on learning experiences.

How Our Tool Generates Thesis Statements

Our tool’s advanced algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques create custom thesis statements.

It breaks down the input, identifies key concepts, and assesses language modulation. By understanding the context and semantics of the text, our tool ensures accurate interpretation and effective output.

Learning from a diverse range of examples, our tool recognizes patterns of effective thesis statements. Through continuous refinement, it adapts to varying writing styles and subject matters, enhancing its ability to generate high-quality outputs.

By analyzing factors like topic relevance, argument strength, supporting claim, and language clarity, our thesis statement generator ensures optimal output.

Subsequently, it refines these statements for coherence, grammar, and overall readability.

Trusted by 1.2M+ Students and Writers

More than 1.2 million students and writers trust for day-to-day writing help. Try out our tool and never miss the mark again with your polished statements!

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Cornell University

"I really like how user-friendly this thesis statement generating tool is. It organizes the essay-writing process by providing a solid foundation for my papers. Honestly, with this tool, I can easily focus more on developing my ideas."

Persuasive Essay



University of Michigan

"This tool became my ultimate solution when I had to write a thesis statement for my research paper. Its precision and accuracy in capturing the essence of my paper's argument saved me a lot of time and effort."

Experimental Research Paper



Princeton University

"As a student at Princeton, the bar for quality is high. This tool not only meets but exceeds expectations. It consistently produces clear and focused statements, which has raised the bar for me and my teachers as well."

Personal Essays

Craft Clear and Powerful Thesis Statements in No Time!

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