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Detect Plagiarism with Instant Plagiarism Checker

Struggling with plagiarism concerns? Just paste your content and get an originality report instantly!

Our tool helps you ensure your work is original and verifies content authenticity.

Let go of copy-pasting issues with our online plagiarism tool!

Features of Our Plagiarism Checker Tool

Check out the best qualities that enhance your experience with our tool.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Our originality checker is web-based and easy to use. Simply paste your text, click "detect," and get accurate results instantly. No need for plug-ins or downloads – it's easy to use right from the start.

Comprehensive Database

Comprehensive Database

Our tool checks your text for potential plagiarism against a vast number of web pages and academic papers. It scans your text against a collection of existing content, including scholarly articles and databases.

Highlighted Document View

Highlighted Document View

This tool provides a highlighted plagiarism scan report, pinpointing similarities in your text and their sources. It allows you to easily edit your work and be safe from any consequences.

Percentage Results

Percentage Results

Your report will show accurate percentages of both similar content and original content. This way, you will only need to edit and change the parts that were copied.

Safe, Secure, and Confidential

Safe, Secure, and Confidential

With us, your content and report remains safe and confidential. We do not save or publicize your content or the plagiarism report, so it can not be accessed and copied by anyone – not even us.

Constantly Updated & Improved!

Constantly Updated & Improved!

We keep our tool updated with the latest webpages and academic resources for accuracy. Plus, our developers constantly work on the tool to ensure a smooth experience without bugs or glitches.

How to Use Our Plagiarism Detector


Paste Your Content

Simply copy the content you want to check and paste it into the box.


Press “Detect”

Hit the "Detect" button. In less than 10 seconds, our tool will analyze the text and provide you with an accurate report.


Review and Address Matches

You can now review the detected matches, edit or cite those parts, and make your writing plagiarism-free!

The Plagiarism Detection Process of Our Tool

Our plagiarism checker works by performing a multi-step process to ensure the authenticity of your writing.

Step 1: Contextual Analysis

This is more than simple word-by-word matching. Its deep search doesn’t only match duplicate content, but also detects layers of plagiarism based on the meaning and context of your sentences.

Step 2: Fuzzy Matching

The report provides a plagiarism score that shows the percentage of your text with exact or similar matches. This provides a quick overview of the overall originality of your work.

Step 3: Conditional Scoring

The report highlights instances of potential plagiarism within your document and assigns an accurate score. Our color-coded system differentiates between exact and close matches so you can edit accordingly.

Moreover, it also provides the source material for each suspected plagiarism instance. This way, you can find and cite them as sources for your paper to enhance the authority of your work.

With our tool, you can stop worrying – try it now and remove plagiarism from your writings easily.

Sample plagiarism check result:

plagiarism output img

Who is this Plagiarism Checker for? is the best plagiarism checker online for all kinds of writers:


Most of our users are students – and for good reason. Students, regardless of their academic level and discipline, write a lot and use a lot of sources. Moreover, their writing has to be formal – following a specific tone and language with proper format and structures.

The result: increased plagiarism risk.

This is where our plagiarism checker comes into play. Students can scan their essays swiftly before submitting them to their instructors. With our tool, they can meet the strict academic standards of originality.


This plagiarism checker software is also best for teachers. Before grading, teachers have to make sure that the assignments are original.

With’s plagiarism detector, they can simply paste the assignment and get results in a few seconds. Unlike Turnitin and other plagiarism finders with complicated interfaces, our tool is free, quick, and easy to use – a great tool for teachers looking to grade student assignments!

Editors and Publishers

Whether they work at an online magazine or an academic journal, professional editors and publishers get a lot of submissions. The first thing they do is check each for plagiarism. Regardless of how amazing a piece they receive, if it doesn’t pass the plagiarism check, it isn’t worthy of publishing.

Our tool makes their task quick and easy by providing a reliable plagiarism check within seconds. They can swiftly upload submissions, receive detailed reports, and make informed decisions about the uniqueness of each piece.

Bloggers and Content Creators

Unique content isn’t just required in academia and formal writing – it’s also significant in blogging and online content creation.

Using plagiarized content online is bad for your reach – search engines and content-sharing platforms can flag plagiarized content and penalize you for it.

Our tool comes as the perfect solution. It can compare your work to over a billion web pages, and the database is constantly updated to add newer content. By using it, bloggers and content creators can protect themselves from serious consequences.

Anyone Committed to Ethical Writing's plagiarism checker is your one-stop shop for ensuring originality in your writing.

You could be a journalist, a professional author, or really anyone. As long as you need to check your own content or verify that of others, you can just tune into our plagiarism checker and use it to your advantage. rated 4.8/5 stars in 2456 Reviews and Counting

Check out the feedback from users and discover the reasons behind its impressive reviews on platforms like Sitejabber, Resellerratings, Producthunt, etc.

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S. Maxwell

S. Maxwell

Freelance Writer

“This plagiarism checker tool has become a usual part of my toolkit. I can make sure my blogs and content are free of plagiarism in less than 10 seconds. It has helped me a lot in retaining my clients.”

Aanya Kumari

Aanya Kumari

Magazine Editor

“My work as an online editor has become a lot easier since I started using it. I just check all the submissions here and instantly know which ones are original and worthy of publishing.”

Meg Benton

Meg Benton

University Student

“My teachers often told me that my assignments had plagiarism. My mistake: I didn’t check them myself before submission. This plagiarism checker solved that problem, and I am better able to save my grades!”

Read more reviews about our tool.

What is Plagiarism, Exactly?

Plagiarism refers to presenting someone else’s work as your own without giving them the credit they deserve.

Even if intentional or unintentional, it harms academic integrity and the principles of online writing.

Types of Plagiarism to Save Yourself From

There are multiple layers of plagiarism, and each one can jeopardize your work.

Copy-Paste Plagiarism

This is the most obvious kind of plagiarism. It happens when you copy a piece of content from another source, such as a book, article or website, and present it as your own work.

Patchwriting Plagiarism

Patchwriting occurs when you mix and match copied content from different sources but fail to integrate it into the context. It’s basically adding bits and pieces of others’ content. This makes writing unoriginal, and it cannot be well-cited.


Self-plagiarism means reusing your previously submitted work, without citing it or without permission from the publishers. This happens if you submit the same article to multiple publications without permission. Or use a part of the previous paper as it is in a new paper.

Paraphrasing Plagiarism

This happens when you reword another else’s ideas in your own words. But do not cite it and claim it as your own. It can also happen unintentionally or by mistake. Such as when your paraphrase remains too similar to the original or when you forget to cite the source.

What Happens if You Plagiarize?

So what if you submitted your paper without checking for plagiarism? Or, what could happen if you uploaded that blog on your site regardless of duplication?

Plagiarism is not just unethical – it also comes with serious consequences, whether you are a student or a professional writer.

Academic Consequences for Students and Researchers

Students will get failing grades for plagiarized assignments. Not only that, your college/university can impose penalties and even expel you for repeated plagiarism offenses.

The consequences for researchers and professors are a bit more serious. They can lose credibility and lose their academic career if they get caught plagiarizing.

Consequences for Professional Writers

The professional world also punishes plagiarism. If an author, journalist, or copywriter gets caught involved, it can damage their careers.

Sometimes, using copyrighted work can even lead to legal consequences. Copyright infringement can incur heavy fines and damage your professional image.

Personal Consequences

And what if you’re able to escape the academic or professional consequences somehow? You would still have to face personal consequences of writing unoriginal content.

For instance, if you’re a student, plagiarizing can stop you from actually learning the material and improving your writing. This would be harmful for your academic career.

Similarly, if you’re a content creator engaged in plagiarism, your creative abilities can diminish with time. Even if you’re not caught, your own work will lose quality.

Why Use Our Plagiarism Scanner?

Using our plagiarism detector to find similarities in your work allows you to take the necessary steps to appropriately cite or edit the content and avoid the consequences discussed. Here’s how:

Ensures Academic Integrity

Our tool helps you maintain academic integrity. With a similarity report in hand, you can cite those sources to which your content is similar to and follow referencing standards.

Protects Intellectual Property

Our tool protects you from legal consequences by pointing out duplications of other people’s intellectual property. By rectifying these instances, you uphold the rights of original creators.

Enhances Content Quality

With our tool, you can improve the uniqueness of your content. Eliminating or rewriting plagiarized sections can foster your own writing style.

FAQs About Plagiarism Checker

What level of plagiarism is acceptable in a text?

The percentage of plagiarism in any text should be under 15%. However, this includes close matches and not exact matches. There should be no exact matches, and if you add them (such as quotations), you must accurately cite them to avoid plagiarism.

Are there any word limits on this plagiarism tool?

The basic version of our plagiarism tool has a word limit of 1800 words per scan. However, you can scan different pieces of writing as many times as you need if you have bought credits.

Is this a free plagiarism checker tool?

You can sign up for a free trial. While our trial is limited to scanning up to 1800 words, we offer affordable credit packages for purchase. For just $10, you can buy credits to scan up to 2000 words.

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